About Us

Who are the Friends?

We are people who have found the Archive Service facilities useful and wish to show our gratitude in a practical way.

Archive serviceSo, what do the Friends do?

We support the Archive Service in every way that we can, for example:

  • campaigning on its behalf
  • from our funds, helping to buy items such as equipment, and especially archives that would otherwise go into private collections
  • from our funds, paying for repairs and conservation
  • providing a pool of potential volunteers to help with projects.

How would I benefit by becoming a Friend?

As a Friend, you can:

  • protect a public service that enriches your life
  • be kept informed of developments
  • give the staff feedback and show that you value them
  • influence Council policy for the future
  • enjoy our indoor meetings with speakers on a variety of subjects
  • enjoy our occasional excursions
  • receive a regular newsletter
  • enjoy advantageous prices for some items at the Worcestershire Archive & Archaeology Service shop on Level 2 at The Hive

Show that you, too, care. Come and join the Friends.

How do I join the Friends?

  1. Fill in your contact details on the electronic form to the right
  2. Press the yellow button to send your contact details.

The Treasurer will then send you details of payment methods.

Annual subscriptions are:

  • £10 minimum for an individual
  • £15 minimum for joint membership

These subscriptions are due at the end of March, (however, for persons joining between October and March their initial subscription will run through to the end of the following membership year). If you wish to make your subscription Gift Aided please remember that you must already pay an amount of income tax or capital gains tax at least equal to the standard rate tax we would reclaim on your donation.                           Thank you!

Perhaps you may also wish to leave the Friends a legacy in your Will. The money from this generous decision would, of course, be used in supporting the Worcestershire Archive and Archaeology Service. It is easy to set up a legacy; just click on the link below and a simple form will appear for you to print, then fill in and use as a codicil to your will. Thank you!